Hydraulic cylinders

Servi's factory at Rissa, formerly Servi Cylinderservice, was started in 1936 and began producing hydraulic cylinders and accumulators in 1956. Since the beginning, our products have been used in the world's toughest climate for very demanding work operations. In order to meet customers requirements for quality, we work continuously to further develop our products. Our customers operate in offshore, marine / ship, aquaculture, hydropower, smelters and general industry.


Tailor your own cylinder with our configurators

Calculation form for Servi’s CD25 standard cylinders


We supply cylinders, accumulators and dampers with piston diameters from Ø 20 mm – Ø 1500 mm and stroke length up to 20 m depending on dimension and design in different material qualities.


Standard hydraulic cylinder

Servi standard hydraulic cylinder with short delivery time. This series is delivered without type approval and is used for movement that does not have a load-bearing function. Cylinder is delivered in steel or stainless material. The standard series is delivered with piston diameter up to 300 mm, working pressure up to 400 bar.

Enter the desired stroke length and attachment in our online cylinder configurator for 3D model, data sheet, and price offer.


DNV type approved - high quality hydraulic cylinder CD25

The CD25 cylinder is type approved by DNV for pressures up to 250 bar, depending on stroke. CD25 is a further developed and improved version of the CD-20 cylinder which means more possibilities with requirements for low friction, low temperature, high speed, and special bags such as water / glycol and environmental oils.

You can customize your own CD25 using our online drawing generator.

CD25 can be delivered with a piston diameter from Ø32 mm - Ø400 mm. Stocked with dimensions from Ø25 mm - Ø280 mm piston diameter with spherical bearing at both ends.

For larger dimensions see our contact information.

Watch the film which shows production and service facilities, as well as capacities at the factory in Rissa.


Overhaul and service

Our 7 service departments in Rissa, Ski, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Bergen, Ulsteinvik and Trondheim have the expertise and equipment for overhauling hydraulic cylinders and accumulators. We perform honing of cylinders in Kristiansand, Bergen, and Rissa.

Our department at Rissa outside Trondheim has Norway's largest raw material warehouse for fast production of spare parts such as cylinder rods, pistons, stuffing boxes, and gaskets. The service department overtakes cylinders up to 1500 mm in diameter and stroke length up to 20 meters.

Our state-of-the-art CNC lathes and honing machines for cylinders enable us to have a fast response and delivery time for service. In addition to self-produced products, we also overtake all other cylinder makes.


Surface treatment

Norsk Coating AS is part of Servi Group, and is located in the same building as our cylinder factory. If needed in a customer project, we hire out professional personnel and Frosio inspectors Level III.
We offer sandblasting, metallization, and surface treatment to customers, in addition to surface treatment internally


Quality and HSE

Our cylinder and accumulator factory was NS-EN ISO-9001: 2008 approved in 1993. In addition, the company has quality certificates in accordance with the printing directive (PED B-61, PED D-43), type approvals (ATEX EC, CD - type approved cylinder) and MSA (certification agreement with DNV). In addition, the company has welding technical competence (IWT) and certified welders in accordance with NS-EN 287. You will find a full overview of our certifications here.

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