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Pneumatics and vacuum - systems and components

Servi has been a significant supplier of pneumatics, vacuum and industrial components for more than 40 years. During this time, we have built up a solid portfolio of reputable suppliers - Metal Work, Vmeca, Enidine, Meg Industry, SPX, Globe Benelux and PHD Inc., among others.

We supply components and systems and we are a total supplier to machine builders, the construction industry, marine/offshore, food and pharma, and the education sector - to name a few. Ask us about complete systems or customer-specified components. Servi offers design and production - both in-house and via our suppliers. Find our brochure on pneumatic and vacuum (NO): See our brochures 

ISO 6432 mini-cylinders, ISO 15552 standard cylinders, compact cylinders, piston rod-less cylinders, and rotary actuators.

In-line valves, flange valves ISO / Namur, and valve islands.

Air treatment
Air filters, pressure regulators, lubricators, flow regulators.

Logic elements, non-return valves, quick-release valves, pressure boosters, manifolds and silencers.

Stainless steel pneumatics
Valves, cylinders, fittings, air treatment and air motors.

Quick fittings, pipe fittings, push-in automatic fittings for the food industry,  and line-on-line valves

Air motors and air motor systems
Piston motors, Vane motors and motor units with gear and brake combinations.

Gas amplifiers and high-pressure pumps
Gas amplifiers, high pressure test pumps and high-pressure test systems

Robot end-of-arm tooling
Grippers, tool changers and vacuum grippers

Ejectors, suction cups, vacuum accessories, "V-grip" lifting plates, "Magic" grippers and Vacuum transport systems

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