Metal Work "ONE"

Complete air treatment in compact design         

Metal Work has developed and patented an award-winning air treatment unit that its competitors are envious of.

ONE consists of so many innovations that it took 39 different patents to secure this design.

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Metal Work ONE is simply called ONE as it only comes in ONE size regardless of the number of functions and port dimensions. So, it can come with ports from 1/4" to 1/2" bsp with exactly the same building dimensions.

Traditional air treatment is a modular solution, and in those cases where many functions are needed, such a device can become massive in size and weight.

The example below shows several pneumatic modules and functions such as regulator, filter, shut-off valves, soft starter, pressure switch and air take-offs. All of these are integrated into ONE.

This compact solution gives ONE a weight of 1.2 Kilograms, and the need for space is minimal.

All information and operation of ONE takes place at the front of the unit.

It therefore requires minimal space and can be for example, panel mounted in cabinets.

The regulator, filter and indicators traditionally pointing up are on ONE located on the same side of the device and towards the operator.

The filter on ONE, has a built-in shut-off valve, and will not require any shut-off with an external valve for service. It is also equipped with a visual filter guard that notifies you of the need for a new filter element.

The electrical connection of ONE is used to control of the electric shut-off valve and as feedback from the pressure switch. This is done via an M12 cable.

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