EB80 – Electro-pneumatic valve island from Metal Work

The EB 80 is a complete system of modern pneumatic control. It can be equipped with all known valve configurations such as 3/2, 5/2 and 5/3 in a compact design, and it is Industry 4.0 compatible.

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The valves can be controlled via "multi-pole" cable with either 25 or 44 pin connectors, or in the fieldbus version where one can choose between: Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, CANopen, Profinet IO, Profibus-DP, Ethernet POWERLINK, IO-Link or CC-Link. The combinations are endless with the EB 80.

The island can be configured with a variety of special sections to achieve advanced pneumatic functions, and it operates on voltages from 10.8 – 31.2V DC 

By default, the EB 80 has an IP grade of 67. It can be further protected with a separate "splash area" kit. These come in Aluminium or AISI 304 steel, and in editions for 3-8 valves or 8-12 valves.

This system is mainly intended for the food industry but is also suitable in other demanding environments where EB 80 is exposed. Easily mounted in cabinet side or cabinet base, where hose connections become directly accessible on the outside of the cabinet.

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 Work EB80 can also be equipped with a variety of modules for even more functions.

These are called multifunction modules, and consist of pressure reducing valves, flow controllers, shut-off valves, pressure indicators, non-return valves, rapid exhaust and more.

These can be selected with 2 different functions on the same module and pressed directly onto the EB 80 valve ports.

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In cases where only a few number of valves are needed, we can deliver an even more compact solution: the EB 80 BOXI. This has 4 valve positions, which allows for up to 8 pcs of 3/2 valves or 4 pcs of 5/2 or 5/3 valves. The EB 80 BOXI can be selected with a 9-pin connector, or with IO-Link communication.

This unit can naturally be equipped with the same valves and multifunction modules as the standard EB 80.

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