Pneumatic cylinders

Servi AS has a complete range of pneumatic ISO cylinders, as well as several other variants.

These range from Ø8 to Ø320 and we can supply these in a range of materials and gasket solutions to meet the application and environment in which it will operate.


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Standard ISO 15552 and ISO 6432 cylinders 

Aluminum cylinder body and C45 steel or stainless-steel piston rod.

Versions with or without a magnet.

Double and single acting.

Temperatures from -35 to +150 degrees depending on the gasket solution.

HCR edition from Ø32. (High corrosion resistance) for food, pharmaceuticals and other corrosive environments.

Wide range of position sensors, switches, guides, hinges and brackets for mounting and steering.

Available with protective bellow for piston rod and head gasket.

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Stainless steel ISO cylinders

ISO 6432 and 15552 cylinders in AISI304 and AISI316 materials.

Available in Polyurethane and Viton gaskets, the latter of which has temperature range from -10 to + 150 degrees.

Accessories available in stainless steel materials

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Compact pneumatic cylinder

ISO 21287 cylinder series LINER. Ø20-Ø100. For strokes see catalogue.

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Series CMPC with ISO 15552 or UNITOP mounting

See catalogue for diameter and stroke lengths.

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Rodless cylinders

Cylinders with guide belts from Ø16 to Ø63, and stroke length from 100-5700 mm.

They come in a variety of types to meet application requirements.

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Cylinders with magnetic slide

From Ø16 to Ø25 and stroke length from 10-1000mm. 

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Electric cylinders

Wide range of electrically powered cylinders and actuators.

ISO 15552 and round cylinder design, axes and gantry solutions, as well as electric version of rod less cylinder.

These can be supplied complete with E-motion programmable controls and drivers for stepper and brushless motors.

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